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RaceBase E-mail Group

RaceBase pledges that it will never use e-mail addresses to privately SPAM people. Anyone can join the RaceBase e-mail group and un-join at any time without any private correspondence from RaceBase. E-mail addresses will be kept strictly confidential.

An e-mail list for discussion on horse racing and punting. Anyone can join (even if you are not a subscriber to RaceBase) and it is free. There are many thoughtful and interesting people with an interest in horse racing amongst the group membership. You will receive e-mails in your in-box automatically when someone from the group sends an e-mail to the list. On Saturday mornings some members offer their ratings for a 'race of the day' free of charge. To subscribe to the e-mail group, simply enter your e-mail address and click Join Now! (Sometimes the confirmation e-mail to join the group ends up in your spam or junk folder). After clicking on the confirmation within the e-mail to join the group and you don't want to join yahoo itself, click on the join the mailing list instead option and this will subscribe you to only the e-mail list. Currently there are 207 members of the group.

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